Ancient technique of hair removal by using cotton thread to remove unwanted hair as well as discoloration of patched and blackheads swiftly yet meticulously.  The regrowth is slower and finer.This works better for sensitive skin, chemical is not invovled.  Threading technique can shape eyebrows with stunning precision.

lashes extension

Quality is the heart of our service. We offer classic lash extension for beautiful natural looking  as well as volume technique  for fuller looking lashes. To create the most satisfying result, we give one to one advice to match customer lifestyles and desires by offering various in lengths, curls and styles.


Semipermanent hair removal using the natural ingredient, honey.

facial treatment

Relaxing stroke of hand   massage as well as stone quartz will be using to move the lymphatic fluid which will relieve the stiffness and flush out toxin. The circulatory of blood flow and fluid will significantly work better. Not only puffy eyes, bloating face, discolouration ,but also the chronic acne will be improved with our special technique.

Bloom boutique is a beauty salon that provides an advancement to the natural look of women through developing eyelashes and eyebrows. The services provided are brought in from the origins of eyelash extension country – Taiwan. The application of eyelash extension and the shaping of eyebrows will enhance the structure of the eyes, and the cleanliness of the overall look. This would allow women to look beautiful and vital with no makeup. To provide better experience for our customers, we

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